Why We Started and Who We Are

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You know when you have that feeling inside of you that you just can't shake? Yeah, well, that's what we had! We knew we had to do something to bring a connection and spark flowing between our kids and the Earth around them.

As a family, we all love animals of different kinds and enjoy being adventurous and outside as much as possible. So, we knew we were doing something right by those fast growing children of ours!  But, we knew we cold do so much more, but what? Well, having two girls an two boys, we had to appeal to both! Our girls love clothes and changing 70 times a day for no apparent reason, and well, our boys like gross, dirty, messy things! So, that's where our apparel company, Sun.Leaf comes in!

We knew we wanted to be able to give back and help out different organizations that believed in the same things we did. As a family, we want to keep our Earth beautiful and thriving. As parent, we want to  make sure that our kids and future generations can enjoy what we have and more! So, we've made it our company's mission to help our Earth as a whole! 

We will donate to organizations that save marine life, forest life, and the life from coast to coast. Donating to different causes that help supply clean drinking water and food for the hungry. Helping save our bees and other insects that make so much of an impact on our living. And, most importantly, helping educate how others can help save our Earth and all living in it by reducing plastic, cleaning beaches and parks, and stopping to look up and enjoy the beauty around you.

We are working on events and workshops that help educate children and adults how to connect with their body's, plants and animals! How to live a more aware lifestyle and still have all of the luxuries we love to enjoy and depend on. 

Our family is so excited to s hare how we connect with animals, plants and the Earth! We cannot wait to find new and exciting ways to stay connected and change this beautiful planet for all to enjoy for many lifetimes to come. 

When you purchase any of our products, we donate 10% to 100% of profits to different organizations.